Government of Georgia – Appearance 2021

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Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia held and led an Executive Government Meeting at the Government Administration today. Agenda of the meeting included 11 items for discussion.

Prior to the meeting, the Head of Government of Georgia made several statements. Irakli Garibashvili first referred to the Fitch Ratings, according to which Georgia has maintained its sovereign credit rating at BB, while outlook has been upgraded from negative to stable. The Prime Minister of Georgia believes that the country has practically returned to its pre-pandemic indicator with the released ratings.

"Outlook has been upgraded predominantly for the quicker-than-expected economic recovery, strong and convincing macroeconomic policy and high international support, according to the Fitch Ratings.

We see that the economy is truly recovering with an impressive pace indeed. Indicator has reached 12.7% in the past 6 months and it is truly optimistic.

In addition, Fitch Ratings has upgraded our economic growth projection to 7.8% against the background of a higher-than-expected economic performance. Our goal is to reach an investment rating by 2025, which is only 2 steps away from our current status.

Decision made by Fitch Ratings is believed to be a significant message to international investors on the quick economic recovery witnessed in the country" stated Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Head of Government of Georgia focused on the importance of successful implementation of the immunization process, thereby noting that one of the main arguments, which has no counter argument whatsoever, is that the vaccine saves people from death.

"Of course, successful implementation of the immunization process is utterly important. I wish to urge all our citizens to conceptualize this and demonstrate high civil understanding and responsibility towards our country. One of the main arguments, which has no counter argument whatsoever, is that the vaccine saves people from death. Actual examples evidence that an immunized person may get contracted, but will not die. It is absolutely impossible, not counting a few cases worldwide" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Head of Government of Georgia particularly focused on the approaching date of elections and importance of immunization in view of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and County Election Council members, thereby noting that authorities of the country aim to hold transparent, free and COVID-free elections in Georgia.

"Date of elections is approaching. We are thus entering an active phase. Yesterday, I announced an initiative related to the vaccination of CEC. We will be officially proposing it in the coming days and the Minister will hold meetings with CEC management along with our colleagues. We should aim to hold COVID-free elections in the country. We are capable of demonstrating an outstanding, high standard. On the one hand, we should hold the free, transparent elections, while on the other hand - it should be COVID-free. It means that every member of the central and country election commissions get immunized, along with our nominees running for local elections. I want to call upon other party nominees to get vaccinated to make sure that we hold safe elections in the country" noted Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Head of Government of Georgia recommended the nominees for mayors' positions and voters to always wear face masks at every meeting during this process.

"As public outreach meetings will start soon, I wish to request - recommend - all our candidates to wear the face masks when they interact with voters. Also, I wish to urge our voters to similarly wear facemasks all the time when they attend such meetings" added the Head of Government of Georgia.

Also, on another note, remuneration of civil servants will gradually rise from January 2022 as noted by the Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting today.

"One of the problems in our reality - as the date of elections is approaching - is the remuneration of mayors, which is in the range of 1800-2000 GEL a month for instance. It is absolutely irrelevant and incommensurate to the current reality. Remuneration of civil servants has not been increased for years, excluding certain local decisions made at the ministerial level. Government has not had a common vision on this topic. Lasha Khutsishvili stated a few days ago at the MOF Presentation that we will start increasing the remuneration of civil servants gradually from January 2022 within the scope of our new policy framework. We will be gradually increasing the salaries and wages in the public sector. It is essential, as people cannot get motivated. We fail to compete with the private sector by payroll. Thus, it is essential to resolve the issue and we will be doing it from January 2022 by all means. We intend to both increase some and double others. It is beyond imagination that a mayor works for 2000 GEL a month, for instance serving the needs of Kutaisi - a large city indeed - or Batumi and being paid 2000 GEL a month. It is beyond imagination. That is why this issue requires an efficient solution and we will be addressing it by all means, similar to the payroll of other civil servants in general" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Press Service of the Government Administration