On Interagency Coordination Council’s decision, no strict systemic restrictions planned, with the practice of targeted restrictions continuing and localized, if need be Print Version



Today, the Interagency Coordination Council led by Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia held a regular session at the Administration of the Georgian Government.

The meeting emphasized that, despite the growing numbers of coronavirus infections-with the most cases in the past 24 hours identified in Tbilisi-no strict systemic restrictions are considered at this point. At the virus adaptation and management stage, the practice of targeted restrictions continues, and it will be localized, if need be.

The Interagency Coordination Council once again urged the population to wear facemasks, maintain social distancing, and maximally avoid mass gatherings. In light of the growing numbers of infections in Tbilisi, the recommendation to wear masks outdoors stands.

As for the situation in clinics, the growth in infection statistics will not cause a lack of hospital beds, with the Health Ministry continuously working on mobilizing additional beds. To mobilize additional beds, new clinics will be engaged in the fight against COVID-19.

According to the council, first aid serves a key role and function at the management stage, which involves patient management in COVID hotels and at home, with consultations from family physicians. That is why maximally streamlined work in this direction requires special attention.

According to the Health Ministry, clinics throughout Georgia are presently treating almost 2,200 coronavirus patients, under the supervision of the clinical team led by Tengiz Tsertsvadze. As for ICU patients, they are treated under the supervision of a special intensive care group.

As of today, Georgia has 13,521 confirmed infection cases, of which 7,159 have recovered, 41 Georgian citizens have been transported for treatment from abroad, and 109 have died.

At this point, 5,590 people are under quarantine, 1,393 in COVID hotels, and 836 are hospitalized under inpatient supervision.

The Parliament of Georgia led by Speaker Archil Talakvadze, and the President's Administration, are actively involved in the work of the Interagency Coordination Council under the Prime Minister.

Press Service of the Government Administration