Giorgi Gakharia: I am Instructing the Revenue Service To Ensure the Quick and Efficient Payment of Compensations So That No Citizen Who Requires Such Assistance is Left Without It Print Version


According to the social and economic Anti-Crisis Plan, our citizens who have lost their jobs will receive compensation in the amount of 1,200 GEL. However, effective cooperation between the government and the citizen, as well as between the government and specific business operators, is very important in order to be able to receive this compensation. Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia made this statement during the session of the government today.

Giorgi Gakharia called on all business operators who had to dismiss employees to be more efficient and effective in their cooperation with the Revenue Service, the Ministry of Finance, so that the number of such citizens is registered in greater detail and no citizen who needs such assistance is left without it.

"I would also like to instruct the Revenue Service to gather the data that are necessary for the quick and efficient payment of compensations as soon as possible, so that every citizen who requires such assistance from the government can receive it in a timely manner. This assistance is valuable only if we can provide it to our citizens in a timely manner, at a time when they need it," the prime minister stated.

Press Service of the Government Administration