“My homeland Georgia is as unique in this world as your Land of Rising Sun” states Prime Minister of Georgia Print Version



"I am honored to let you know that my homeland Georgia is as unique in this world as your Land of Rising Sun" announced Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia at the event titled as Georgian Days and held in Tokyo today.

Head of Government of Georgia expressed his gratitude to the Japanese people for the loyal friendship of Georgia and expressed hopes that bilateral relations will advance to a completely new level.

"We have an opportunity to showcase Georgia as an ancient country of its own culture, traditions and contemporary life. Georgians have known and respected the Japanese culture for centuries. We regard you as a country where ancient traditions and modern life are harmoniously intertwined. We greatly appreciate the fact that Japan as one of the main driving forces of global economy and island of contemporary life, innovations and technologies is now a friend of Georgia, loyal and reliable partner of our country. I wish to refer to the strong position of the Japanese authorities towards the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia with most sincere gratitude and note that we highly appreciate the most significant moral and material support of Japan and Japanese people, which is so needed for the Georgian state" stated the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of Government of Georgia spoke about the diplomatic relations of the two countries that counts over quarter of a century and noted that significant and tangible achievements were made possible within this period.

Prime Minister of Georgia expressed hopes that friendship and cooperation will further deepen in every direction, be that trade and economy or business and cooperation in education, tourism and culture.

"Today we have an opportunity to get exposed to the Japanese people as a nation of ancient and unique culture, which has contributed to the world civilization as a homeland of wine. It has been scientifically evidenced that winemaking culture has originated in Georgia and spread to the rest of the world. It was recognized at the wine capital of the world - Bordeaux. This city hosted the very first Exhibition of Georgian Wine. It is not a coincidence that second similar event is held in Japan - Land of Rising Sun. Ancient traditions of Georgian wine and its uninterrupted history of 8000 years is being exhibited. At the same time, we have an opportunity to showcase our rich Georgian cultural heritage, including our cuisine and especially Georgian polyphonic singing, which is a separate height of its own and which - together from others - has been declared as a cultural heritage of the mankind. I am confident that such interaction of cultures between our ancient nations will solidify our friendly relations and further grow and develop. Achievements of the first Georgian ozeki Tochinoshin give me all the grounds to say so and his deeds make every single Georgian profoundly fulfilled. His success has led to a great interest and respect of the Japanese people towards Georgia, while Georgians became even closer in friendship with Japan" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of Government of Georgia expressed his gratitude to everyone contributing to the organization of Georgian Days in Tokyo, including Sony Music Communication - the largest company in the world - and TOPPAN, partnership with which has brought to life the ancient Georgian culture and wine history via state-of-the-art technologies.

Gala Reception held within the scope of Georgian Days involved wine sampling and buffet table of authentic Georgian food, along with a stage entertainment performed by the National Ballet Sukhishvili and Folk Song Ensemble Bassiani. Event was attended by the officials of the executive and legislative authorities of Japan and diplomatic corps.

Prime Minister's Press Office