Today's Government meeting under the chairmanship of Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili at the Administration of the Government discussed 35 issues on its meeting agenda.

On the decision of the Government, 10 castle villages of unique historical and architectural importance under threat of destruction will be inventoried and studied in Tusheti: Dzveli Diklo, Dzveli Girevi, Chontio, Hegho, Aguerta, Tzaro, Kvavlo, Parsma, Dakiurta, and Indurta.

These castle villages and individual buildings will be listed, photographed in detail, studied topographically, historically, and archeologically, and a rehabilitation concept for their recovery will be developed under the conducted study.
To carry out inventory and study work, 400,000 GEL was allocated to the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Georgia from the fund for projects to be implemented in the regions.
On the decision the Government, 5 million GEL was allocated to be distributed among 6 municipalities in order to eliminate the aftermaths of the 2017-2018 natural disasters, with 1,700,000GEL allocated to the Ozurgeti Municipality, 1,000,000 GEL to the Tkibuli Municipality, 790,000 GEL to the Sachkhere Municipality, 720,000 GEL to the Kutaisi Municipality, 695,000 GEL to the Tzalenjikha Municipality, and 180,000 GEL to the Lanchkhuti Municipality. These sums will be used to rehabilitate the infrastructural sites damaged by the natural disasters, such as homes, the roofs of apartment complexes and public buildings, vehicle bridges and footbridges, shore protection structures, and drainage canals.
The Cabinet approved measures necessary for the establishment of a new non-entrepreneurial legal entity called Partnership for Access to Healthcare. The newly established non-entrepreneurial legal entity is based on the public-private partnership model to enhance the population's access to medical services and medications. In particular, as early as this year, pensioners will be able to purchase medications they need on a daily basis for significantly reduced prices.
Today, the Government approved the Draft Law of Georgia on Vocational Education to be referred for consideration to the Parliament.

The draft law is designed to put in place a new system of vocational education. In particular, the middle level will be integrated into vocational education, that is, an opportunity will be provided to receive an academic certificate and advance from vocational education to the level of higher education, vocational education credits will be validated at the level of higher education, the dual form of dual education based on apprenticeship will be defined and prioritized, opportunities will be provided for implementing joint and exchange programs, a system of vocational training and retraining will be established, and diverse educational programs for adults will be carried out that will see, on one hand, to award qualification and, on the other, to develop individual competences, enhance knowledge, retrain, and so on. In addition, systemic approaches to inclusive education will be introduced, state-run schools of vocational education will be authorized to sell products/services developed in the process of implementing economic activities, including the process of learning, and a system for teachers' training and career advancement will be established. The draft law is in full concordance with EU educational standards and the obligations under the Association Agreement.

During today's meeting, the Government approved the draft decree on the implementation of scientific and research work under the 2018 State Program for Combatting Stink Bugs. These measures will contribute to accumulating experience about the biology, migration routes, and numbers of the pests in order to be considered in improving the fight against them. 500,000 GEL will be allocated to finance the scientific and research work.

Prime Minister's Press Office