“Georgia Made in Characters tells a fascinating story in the streets of Goethe to residents and visitors of Frankfurt” states Prime Minister of Georgia Print Version



"Georgia Made by Characters is telling an amazing story in the streets of Goethe to residents and visitors of this fascinating city of Frankfurt. We are sharing our multiple century-long culture, literature and values with them" stated Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia when addressing the audience gathered at the key-note reception held at the Townhall of Frankfurt today, which was organized in his honor by Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of Frankfurt.

Head of the Government of Georgia underlined the significance of participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair as a Guest of Honor. The event is held annually in October and transforms the city into a world intellectual center gathering authors, publishers and mere lovers of literature from around the world.

"We have thus tried to tell a story of Georgia with 33 letters of our alphabet. It served as a basis for creating and seamlessly evolving the Georgian literature over centuries. I strongly believe that Georgian literature and culture with its diversity and intellectual resources is capable of getting established in the world map of culture. Sound presentation of Georgia at the most wide-scale event of Europe in this field will give a new impetus to our country, will facilitate development and advancement of its publishing sector and industry, increase the interest of foreign readers towards Georgian literature to ultimately attract new investments towards this utterly important sphere. I believe that literature and publishing sector will become one of the pre-requisites of our economic growth and development" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of the Government of Georgia also stressed the relationship between Georgia and Germany with its 200 year-long history, which has been celebrated by both countries throughout the year. Prime Minister of Georgia also noted that it is not only confined to arts and culture.

According to the Head of the Government of Georgia, cooperation between the two countries is advancing effectively in economy, energy, infrastructure, environmental protection and education.

"Our compatriots live in this multinational city as well. Representatives of the Georgian diaspora are with us today and they contribute their share in making the relations between our countries stronger. Almost 30 students are currently admitted to the Goethe State University in Frankfurt. Department of Caucasus Studies is operating within the University with a due success. I wish to once again express my gratitude for the support that has always been felt by Georgia and Georgian people from Germany and German people. Your active and solid support demonstrated in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia is of tremendous importance, similar to the unwavering support of Germany towards the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. I wish to thank everyone, who was engaged in the preparation of Georgia's participation as a Guest of Honor in the Frankfurt Book Fair" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of the Government of Georgia particularly stressed the outstanding support of Mr. Jurgen Boos, President of the Frankfurt Book Fair and his team that was permanently felt by the Georgian side in the preparation to this key-note forum.

"I wish to once again express gratitude to each and every one of you on behalf of the entire Georgian nation. I was a 10 year old boy when my school teacher told me about this unique tradition, which you hold in this most beautiful city. My blue dream was to participate in this multiple century-long tradition and it is great honor for me to see Georgia as a Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of Frankfurt focused on the diverse culture of Georgia and noted that Georgian alphabet is a masterpiece, which was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of the world.

"Mr. Prime Minister, it is our great honor to host you at the Emperors Ballroom of Frankfurt Townhall. It is our most famous hall, which hosts Guests of Honor every year and gathers visitors of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Welcome to our key-note event as a Guest of Honor this year! It is the most important event. Georgian alphabet with its 33 characters is the main topic of the presentation. Georgian authors express themselves with these characters. Georgian script is a masterpiece, which was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of the world. I know that you have brought a diverse literary and cultural program. Program of the Guest of Honor enables the visitors of the Frankfurt Book Fair to get deeply exposed to its culture. Georgia is already known to a wider society. It is a country with beautiful nature and a bewildering capital, rich cuisine and very hospitable people. We are thrilled to host you at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which dates back to 1480 as the most important event also offering books for sale and a number of other activities, inter alia with the engagement of authors and publishers. I wish every single visitor of the Georgian Hall to embrace and enjoy the Georgian titles" concluded the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt.

Prime Minister of Georgia made an entry to the Golden Book of Memorabilia as a Guest of Honor at the Townhall of Frankfurt.

David Zalkaliani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and Kakha Kaladze, Mayor of Tbilisi attended the reception held in the honor of the Prime Minister of Georgia today.

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