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Public Administration Reform Council Reviews Outcomes of the Endeavour and Discusses Strategy for 2021-2025 Print Version


Outcomes of the reform implemented in the public administration of Georgia and Strategy for 2021-2025, along with challenges and problems were discussed by the Public Administration Reform Council at an online meeting today. It was greeted by Ilia Darchiashvili, Head of Government Administration of Georgia; H.E. Mark Clayton, UK Ambassador to Georgia; Anna Chernyshova, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative and Sigrid Brettel, Head of Projects at the EU Delegation in Georgia (EUD).

Outcome and output of the Public Administration Reform in Georgia were reviewed at the meeting, along with the priority directions of the following phase. An independent expert presented general findings gathered during the implementation of PAR Roadmap in 2020.

Focus was made on the significance of a new Strategy for 2021-2025 for the Public Administration Reform, along with current challenges and problems. Recommendations were made by Alastair Swarbrick, Expert of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Security (OECD) in Support for Improvement in Governance and Management (SIGMA) Project and expressed the readiness of SIGMA to support the Council in the development of the new strategy. Recommendations were made also by the non-government organizations (NGOs) participating in the work of the Council.

Communication Strategy and Brand Book of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) was also presented. Discussion involved the significance of the communication component and future steps for its improvement.

Inter-Agency Coordination Council of Public Administration Reform was held under the coordination of the Government Administration of Georgia and support of the British Government and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). At the end of the meeting representatives of partner organizations once again expressed a desire to support the implementation of PAR in Georgia.

Public Administration Reform (PAR) was launched in the country in 2015 with an aim of introducing a transparent, accountable and effective public administration system. Reform is intended for the improvement of the public administration in Georgia and its approximation to the European standards of governance. PAR is based on the principles of EU public administration and involves the following priority directions: policy planning and coordination, civil service and human resource management, accountability, public service delivery, public funds management (PFM), local authorities and governance.

Council Meeting engaged representatives from its member public institutions, local civil and international organizations.

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