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Today's Government meeting at the Administration of the Government was held under the chairmanship of Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia. The Cabinet discussed 5 issues on its meeting agenda.

Statements Made by the Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting Today

You may well be aware that 20 days have passed since November 28, when the Council decided to impose precision-targeted restrictions in the country. Today we may say that as an interim outcome we managed to curtail the community transfer rate; Irrespective of the principally increased testing volumes, cases of viral infection are relatively stable quantity-wise. It was announced by Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Executive Government Meeting held today.

According to him, over 17 000 tests have been administered a day for the first time ever in recent months and less than 3000 cases have been confirmed, thus being a basis of only cautious optimism.

"It is the basis of only a cautious optimism. I wish to underline that it is only a cautious optimism, as it is merely an initial result or an opportunity to result in the first outcome, which we were saying. Our main goal has always been the curbing of a community transfer rate, which we managed to achieve. However, we should all understand the conditions, which is witnessed in Europe with record-high community transfer rates each day. European countries are further tightening their restrictions including for Christmas and New Year's Eve. We should do our best to make each step primarily driven by responsibility and prudency. We should do our best to make sure that this interim, minor achievement, which we have witnessed today, gets maintained. We should safeguard our elderly and people of any age with chronic diseases. We should all understand that unfortunately the death toll is rising to record-high numbers in many countries of Europe. Such scale of mortality has not been experienced since WWII. Our main goal is to safeguard our elderly and with this sense of responsibility all of us - public and private sectors, citizens and businesses - should behave during the festivities" noted the Head of Government of Georgia.

Giorgi Gakharia believes that festive events should be more modest this year, celebrated in a family circle, avoiding our usual large festive parties.

"We should party on the New Year's Eve slightly differently this year and our festive events should be more modest, celebrated in a family circle, avoiding our usual large festive parties" announced the Prime Minister of Georgia.

As noted by the Head of Government of Georgia, festivities this year will precondition the degree and ability of our further economic recovery.

The Prime Minister of Georgia focused on the importance of wearing a facemask, which has increased to 65% in the country, though still insufficient.

"This is a special year, with its challenges. Planning of our festivities will precondition the degree and ability of our further economic recovery. Level of compliance with a rule of a uniform wearing of facemasks has been increased to 65%, but still insufficient. Our goal is to increase this indicator to 90 or 95%. These are the levels, at which we can actually re-open our economy. We should do our best to maintain our mobility at a low level or increase it only when all the risks are indemnified. This is our responsibility towards each other, our citizens and our elderly" noted Giorgi Gakharia.

The Head of Government of Georgia focused during the meeting on the precision-targeted restrictions imposed on November 28 and noted that the Government of Georgia announced the 4th wave of the Social Security Initiative to benefit the citizens with a pay-out of 300 GEL allowances. Over 65 000 applications have been received as of today, out of which 54 000 have been honoured, while all the others - pending and expected - will before the year ends.

Giorgi Gakharia commented on the assessment made by the OECD, according to which Georgia is among the most attractive countries for the FDI.

"To be more specific, we now rank 8th among 82 nations. It has been underlined that reforms implemented by the Government of Georgia and legislative amendments resulting in equal opportunities and conditions created for both domestic businesses and foreign direct investments, which is a significant achievement. Nevertheless, we have been recommended also to continue with structural reforms and develop a strategy for attracting the FDI to the country. Respective instructions have already been given to the Ministry of Economy and they are already working towards this end" noted Giorgi Gakharia.

The Prime Minister of Georgia also spoke about the Executive Board Meeting of the International Monetary Fund, held yesterday in D.C. inter alia discussing the country performance within the 7th Review of the IMF Program with Georgia. The multilateral development organization once again acknowledged the achievements made by the country in the economy, especially those in response to the economic crisis and in support of businesses that were designed and deployed by the Government of Georgia.

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, IMF projections evidence that economic growth in 2021 will be around 4.3%. Nevertheless, the Board clearly noted that structural reforms need to be pursued further and focus should be made on the discipline of compliance with macroeconomic indicators.

"It applies to all of us, as it covers both expenditures and revenues of the State Budget. It is essential that we act in the most cautious and prudent manner in 2021. It translates into the quick post-crisis economic recovery potential, which should be maintained for the economy and each citizen of the country. Also, let me remind you that Georgia was the first country to obtain the IMF endorsement on its Economic Crisis Response Program during the pandemic, which enabled us to quickly solicit the external donor support" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Giorgi Gakharia focused at the meeting on the special importance acquired by annual performance reporting of the Government of Georgia to citizens, as 2020 has been quite difficult in terms of economic and pandemic challenges.

The Prime Minister of Georgia addressed the opponents, when noting that this platform is a good opportunity for competition by significant deeds and achievements.

"Government of Georgia has started to present its annual reports this week. Each line ministry is doing it. The process will continue till the end of the year. Each ministry will be presenting its annual performance report to the general public. Particularly noteworthy is its significance this year, as 2020 has been quite difficult in terms of economic and pandemic challenges. It is thus very important to see how effectively each ministry worked. I wish to tell our citizens that these reports are publicly accessible and the media can also air them. I wish to tell the opponents as well that this platform is a good opportunity for competing with better and more significant deeds for the benefit of our country. It is particularly true today, when we all understand that 2021 will be full of challenges, primarily in terms of economy and prudent, effective, joint work will thus be valued most" noted Giorgi Gakharia.

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