With Government Support, Rugby Union's Financial Difficulties Have Been Resolved and the Teams Have all the Necessary Conditions To Prepare for the Georgian Championship Print Version



Today, another meeting between Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia and the representatives of Rugby Union was held at the Administration of the Government of Georgia, which was also attended by Education, Science, Culture, and Sport Minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli and Deputy Education, Science, Culture, and Sport Minister Shalva Gogoladze.

It was noted during the meeting that the pandemic has created a crisis in almost every field, and that certain problems have emerged in the field of rugby as well. The head of the government stressed that joint efforts made it possible to take the appropriate steps to resolve the aforementioned problems. According to the Prime Minister, as a result of support from the state and the efforts of the Rugby Union, all problems have been resolved as of today and all necessary conditions have been created for Georgian teams to calmly continue their training and active preparation in order to do their best at the Georgian Championship and other games.

"Rugby is not just another sport in Georgia. This game has occupied a very big place in the life of our country and has even become a part of our identity. In addition, our team, which we are proud of, has repeatedly proven to the world that we are among the best and that rugby is our game. We have great potential, which needs to be developed. In addition to popularizing rugby, we must create all the conditions for the proper training of the future generations. Precisely this is the aim of the support provided by our government to Georgian rugby throughout the years," the Prime Minister stated.

The head of the government emphasized the role of Bidzina Ivanishvili and Cartu Fund, whose investments have been used to build numerous stadiums and sports complexes, facilitating the rapid development of rugby in Georgia and the achievement of success on numerous occasions.

The conversation touched on Georgia's chance to take part in the rugby's most prestigious tournament of the so-called Autumn Internationals - the Eight Nations tournament - and to compete with the six best teams of European rugby and the national team of Fiji. According to the Prime Minister, the government is doing everything in its power to use this historic opportunity and is in active negotiations with the leadership of the Six Nations.

Press Service of the Government Administration