Giorgi Gakharia: A Professional and Conscientious Public Servant is the Guarantee of the Effective Development of the Country Print Version


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First of all, I would like to congratulate the employees of the Public Registry Agency and the E-Governance Agency. The environment in which we work is extremely important and we must all remember that the provision of correctly and efficiently organized services, which should reach every one of our citizens, is the biggest challenge faced by our country today. This is what the Ministry of Justice is doing today and this is what we must continue to do on a daily basis, sparing no effort. Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia made this statement in his speech during the opening ceremony of the head office of the Public Registry and the E-Governance Agency.

As the Prime Minister noted, a highly professional and conscientious public servant is the guarantee of the effective development of the country.

"Public servants will become more and more important for the success of the country every day, and we must all understand that a highly professional and conscientious public servant is the guarantee of the effective development of the country. Therefore, the more buildings like this we have, the more successful our state will be. In addition, this is also a part of the institutional reform. We are all aware of the institutional, administrative, and legislative reforms being carried out by the Ministry of Justice, and we can all see the results of these reforms - for example, the 81 Community Centers, which are spread across the regions; Justice Houses. I would like to tell you a simple thing - something that I personally encountered while working at the Ministry of Economy. We tried our best to bring the services as close as possible to citizens. What the Ministry of Justice has done with these Community Centers and Justice Houses amounts to an ideal channel. This is the opportunity, whereby a citizen can go to his or her town in his or her region of residence throughout the country and access the services provided by the state. This is the ideal option and we tell each and every ministry to utilize these channels as much as possible to get closer to citizens," Giorgi Gakharia stated.

Giorgi Gakharia discussed the new program, The State Is Your Partner.

"With regard to the Ministry of Justice, I must recall the new program, The State Is Your Partner, which we have launched recently - programs of the Ministry of Economy and Enterprise Georgia, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Tourism Agency. Any citizen in Ambrolauri, Chkhorotsku, Zugdidi, Kvareli, Telavi, can go to his or her city and obtain comprehensive information, as well as receive consultations and even sign contracts with regard to taking part in these programs. This is very important. The quality of life and the quality of services received, be it in Tbilisi, Batumi, Telavi, or any town, must not differ in any way for citizens. I cannot help but recall the land reform and I would like to say a simple thing: In the last four years, the Ministry of Justice, the Public Registry has registered more than a million hectares of land, which slightly exceeds the total area of land registered in the 25 years since independence. I cannot help but recall the systemic land registration, which began this summer and which is of extreme importance for the development of the country's economy as today, land is one of our country's most important assets and it must urgently become involved in economic turnover. Superficially, at first glance, these are the challenges that you must deal with. As I understood it, there will be a kindergarten in this environment as well. We must do everything to ensure that the public servant is efficient, highly qualified and, most importantly, conscientious. Such a public servant has the capacity to develop an effective state and such a public servant will be the best servant for every citizen. Congratulations, once again. I wish you success," the Prime Minister stated.

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