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Today we are launching The State-Your Partner, a program we started developing a few years ago. Although it should have been finalized earlier, it is still a good, effective step in the crisis period, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia stated during today's presentation of the new program in Ambrolauri.

The Head of Government pointed out that since 2012, the state has launched numerous programs, such as Enterprise Georgia at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and several others at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Tourism Administration-programs distributed across various ministries but concentrated in Tbilisi.

"With the addition of the microgrant program, hundreds of thousands of our citizens have benefited from various programs. More than 1.5 billion has been issued in loans and tens of thousands of enterprises have been set up. But this is not enough. Most importantly, we deliver state services to our citizens' doorstep. At 80 community centers and 24 public service halls throughout Georgia, you can receive the same services that previously required traveling to Tbilisi and visiting one ministry after another, then a bank, and so on. 700 community center employees have been retrained personally to provide you with information and services and assist you in drafting contracts. All this can be done here in Ambrolauri and other community services on a level of signatures," Giorgi Gakharia said.

According to the Prime Minister, the new program aims to turn as many Georgian citizens as possible into entrepreneurs, as many peasants as possible into farmers, engage as many citizens as possible in tourism.

"I understand the responsibility and stress associated with quitting as employees and moving to private business, taking the initiative to become entrepreneurs and taking the first steps in this direction. It is an enormous problem with financial issues, expertise, market affairs, and so on. It is very stressful, which is why we must do everything to help citizens take that first step. And it is the first step when a citizen tells the state: "Help me. I am ready to assume the responsibility for myself and my family." With any luck, as they mature as successful entrepreneurs, they also assume the responsibility for their neighbors, employing them and their families. And a strong household and strong regions underpin a strong country. I want you to know that everything we have been doing since 2012 is well calculated and thought through. The key function of the state is to provide all of us with equal rights and fair conditions, to help us wherever it is possible, so that we may subsequently do everything to provide for our families, help our fellow villagers and citizens, employ others, and thus empower the country," the Prime Minister emphasized.

According to the Head of Government, the new program is an extremely practical mechanism, and not a superfluous step taken for the purpose of PR.

"Everyone deciding to take that first step toward starting a business in Ambrolauri, Racha-to open their own business, to become a farmer, for one-comes to this building to learn about how the state can assist them through agriculture programs like Plant the Future, irrigation systems programs, affordable and agricultural loans, equipment financing, and other programs at the Ministry of Economy. This process is very simple, and we have trained staff here standing by to assist you. I believe that the key function of the state is to secure equal and fair conditions for all, to assist each citizen wherever we can, to stand by citizens taking the first steps toward their own business," Giorgi Gakharia added.

The Prime Minister expressed special gratitude to the National Tourism Administration, the Ministries of Economy and Agriculture, and Vice Prime Minister Thea Tsulukiani and the Justice Ministry, for including this economic activity into the community center's purview.

"Of course, we deeply appreciate Thea Tsulukiani and the Justice Ministry for including this economic activity into the community center's purview, a far-reaching initiative. Generally, the community center will attract all active citizens. Everything from agriculture and tourism to entrepreneurship is important for this region. Looking at developments in Ambrolauri and Oni every year gives us great hope. And I wish success to you, the residents of Racha! Start your own businesses. Transform from peasants into farmers, and host as many tourists as possible! I wish you success," the Prime Minister stated.

The State-Your Partner is the Georgian Government's project enabling entrepreneurs and farmers to receive detailed information and services provided under one roof and offered under state programs designed to promote entrepreneurship and develop farming.

The project involves the creation of unified spaces at 81 community centers and 24 public service halls in more than 100 settlements throughout Georgia. These unified spaces operating under the One Window principle will enable citizens to make use of on-site infrastructure and fill out applications to participate in ongoing or planned business-stimulating state programs by the Enterprise Georgia Agency, the Tourism Administration, and the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency. Citizens will be assisted by qualified specialists retrained specifically to that end.

In addition, information about every agency and program brought together under the project will be available on the electronic portal enabling users to remotely receive exhaustive information about the benefits, criteria, and application forms pertaining to the programs of their choice.

The Prime Minister of Georgia, accompanied by Vice Prime Minister and Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava, and Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Levan Davitashvili visited the Ambrolauri Community Center. The Members of the Cabinet were briefed by Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Irakli Nadareishvili about said services available to citizens on the spot.

The event was attended by the beneficiaries of the Enterprise Georgia Agency and the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency.

Press Service of the Government Administration