Giorgi Gakharia: The Simultaneous Lifting of All the Restrictions That Allowed Us To Effectively Control the Virus is an Irresponsible Step and We Cannot Allow Ourselves To Lose Control of the Spread of the Virus; Therefore, We Need Certain Restrictions Print Version


The lifting of the state of emergency as well as of the curfew will, of course, increase activity in our country and the mobility of our citizens. This gives us the opportunity to become more active economically, and for incomes to be restored to each family as soon as possible. Nevertheless, we must all remember to do all of this very carefully. Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia made this statement during the session of the government today.

According to him, Georgia has the power to turn the crisis into an opportunity and to become even more competitive.

"The uncalculated, simultaneous lifting of all the restrictions that allowed us to effectively control the virus is an irresponsible step and, correspondingly, we cannot allow ourselves to lose control of the spread of the virus. This is precisely why we require certain restrictions; this is why we appealed to the Parliament, and we are calling on all of our citizens on a daily basis to follow the basic rules that are necessary to maintain control over the spread of the virus, and thus retain the opportunity for the economic revival of our country and all of our citizens. I would like to stress that we have the opportunity and we have the power to make Georgia much more competitive within the global competition that will begin in the coming days and months," the head of the government noted.


Press Service of the Government Administration