„We need a deep sea port. Authorities will deliver upon every commitment and I hope that consortium will honor all the obligations it has assumed“ states Prime Minister of Georgia Print Version


"Authorities will deliver upon their commitment, which is so vital for the development of the transit potential of the country, i.e. deep sea port should be built" stated Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia when responding to a question posed by journalists today on the prospects of further extending the deadline for deliverables of the consortium.

Head of Government of Georgia noted that Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia is expecting a response from the consortium on the constructor. Tender has been held and successful bidder will bear an obligation to build the port within the specified deadlines.

"In addition, resolution of the financial issues is essential to make sure that each of us and the Consortium have an assurance that financial resources have been mobilized for the launch of the port construction and its completion within the specified deadlines. We will provide maximum support to the Anaklia Consortium to make sure that this project gets successfully completed. Current status of the project may not be maintained forever. It harms the country, as we need a deep sea port. However, we have pledged a full support to the Anaklia Consortium and I hope that it will honor all its commitments" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.


Prime Minister's Press Office