Georgia and Kazakhstan to Offer Joint Logistics Projects to International Companies Print Version


Kazakhstan and Georgia make up a crucial transit axis. Importantly, we must offer new joint logistics projects to international companies, and a far-reaching decision toward this end has been made today, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated summarizing today's meetings under his official visit to Kazakhstan.

According to the Head of Government, Kazakhstan is an exceptionally important partner and friend of Georgia.

"Together, we are implementing vital joint projects of regional importance. At the same time, Kazakhstan is one of the largest investor in our economy. Last year, our trade grew 35%. Similarly, our export to Kazakhstan is growing in leaps and bounds, which is commendable, though I believe that there is more untapped potential. Consequently, today a very important agreement was signed, the Roadmap seeking to double the trade between the two countries over the next couple of years," Mamuka Bakhtadze stated.

According to the Prime Minister, it is commendable that direct flights between Kazakhstan and Georgia, along with tourist numbers, are growing. As the Head of Government underlined, today's meetings discussed agricultural cooperation, among others.

"Kazakhstan is interested in exporting more wheat to Georgia, which we also find interesting. In addition, using Georgia's ports will enable Kazakhstan to increase export to the Mediterranean. It is a complex project that requires prudent development, but I am convinced that, together, we will make it work. At the same time, directs have been identified in which we can offer absolutely new products to the international market, such as the chemical industry, for example, and I strongly believe that we will concrete success in these directions as well," Mamuka Bakhtadze underlined.

The Prime Minister assessed the official visit in general as very productive and expressed his strong belief that it will be a new impetus further deepening the economic and political relations between the two countries.
Mamuka Bakhtadze's official visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan continues. Tomorrow, the Head of Government will take part in the Astana Economic Forum to discuss Georgia's investment potential.

Prime Minister's Press Office