Mamuka Bakhtadze: A legislative initiative will be developed to obligate subsequent Governments to invest 6% of GDP in the sector of education Print Version


As Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated during the briefing before today's Government meeting, a legislative initiative will be developed to obligate future Governments to invest 6% of GDP in the sector of education.

According to the Head of Government, the educational sector's budget this year has been enhanced, and it will be further enhanced in the course of next two years.
"You are all aware of my political team's and my personal attitude toward education and this initiative announced by us a few days ago. It is an idea of national importance, and I firmly believe that, in bringing this idea to life, we will overcome the challenges facing our homeland today. Today, I would like to announce several concrete activities under this initiative, and provide additional information on financing, on our plan. As you know, the ultimate goal of this idea of national importance is to obligate the current and every subsequent Government to invest 6% of GDP in the sector of education. In addition, we have significantly increased the educational sector's budget this year and in the course of next two years. This year, it constitutes 1,600 million GEL. Next year, it will grow to reach two billion, further to grow by half a billion GEL to make up 3,400 million GEL in 2020. As I have stated, this obligation will apply to every Government in subsequent decades. The Government of Georgia is developing a legislative initiative to be referred to the Parliament, this way enshrining this obligation in legislative acts and making it mandatory in the decades to come," Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

According to the Prime Minister, it is of vital importance to ensure maximal engagement in the development of this idea of national importance.
The Head of Government announced the creation of an open platform to bring together online and direct meeting formats and to include as its participants the field's experts, pedagogues, rectors, students, scientists, international organizations, NGOs, and all stakeholders.
"We must join forces to implement this genuinely far-reaching reform that transcends the boundaries of reforms.

Under this idea, we are starting to develop the system of adult education within vocational education as part of our complex educational reform. We will offer our citizens an innovation involving professional retraining by vocations demanded in the job market, and also rapid employment. It is a unique opportunity that will boost jobs in our economy. At the same time, the state will finance priority directions identified as fields with high percentages of employment potential. Short-term training/retraining courses will be offered at schools of vocational education in the areas of construction, services, agriculture, and IT, and other areas will expand gradually. I am convinced that it will prove a fast and effective way and another important step toward overcoming poverty," Mamuka Bakhtadze stated.

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