Prime Minister Thanks EIB for Tremendous Contribution to the Country’s Infrastructural Modernization Print Version



The allocation of 250 million euro in financial resources by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to Georgia, and the successful cooperation between the two, was discussed during today's meeting between Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and EIB Vice President Vazil Hudák at the Administration of the Government.

The meeting emphasized partnership in transport and municipal infrastructure modernization, SME assistance, and energy security, and the far-reaching projects implemented in the country with EIB financing. Among others, the conversation involved EIB's InnovFin project designed to finance innovative projects which, according to the parties, will significantly boost the development of innovative projects in Georgia.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the bank's investments in the development of Georgia's highway corridor in recent years, along with EIB's financial contribution to the development of transport communication and road and water infrastructure.

As of today, EIB has financed about 1.33 billion euro worth of investment projects in the public sector, while also having allocated 215.8 million euro for the private sector.

Prime Minister's Press Office