Today's Government meeting at the Administration of the Government was held under the chairmanship of Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze. The Cabinet discussed 14 issues on its meeting agenda.

The Cabinet approved the bill enforcing stricter limits for banning marijuana consumption in public areas. According to the bill, marijuana consumption in public areas-such as public transport, in the presence of minors, in the vicinity of educational institutions, on duty in the case of public servants, pedagogues, doctors, and others-will be strictly controlled and punished. To protect minors from the harm arising from marijuana consumption, marijuana use by persons under 21 will be liable for penalty, and felony charges will be brought against coercing persons under 21 to consume marijuana. Stricter penalties will be enforced for promoting and advertising marijuana consumption. In addition, stricter rules will apply to cannabis cultivation in order maximally to avoid illegal activities.

Today, the Government approved the bill on expanding the mandatory limit for credits in GEL from 100,000 to 200,000, and this regulation will apply to leasing as well. While the currently enforced redaction applies the restriction only to physical entities acquiring the volume of leasing and to the issuance of bank loans to physical entities, after the adoption of the amendments, said policy will also apply to legal entities and organizations defined by Georgian legislation as non-legal entities, meaning so-called partnerships.

Under the green economy and environmental protection policy, the Cabinet adopted regulations to come into force on October 1, 2018 in order gradually to ensure the maximal removal of disposable plastics.

A center for children and adolescents with autism spectrum will open in Tbilisi.

To this end, the state will hand to The Fund of the Archangel Gabriel and the Apostle Peter 3,034 square meters of non-agricultural land free of charge to build a school and a center to provide 230 beneficiaries with free services.

Prime Minister's Press Office