Sophie Japaridze, Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia on Human Rights and Gender Equality and Chairman of the Cross-Government Commission on Gender Equality, Violence Against Women and Corporal Punishment will participate in the Council of Europe Gender Equality Commission Meeting scheduled for December 5-7, 2018 in Strasbourg.

Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia will focus in her speech on the pilot programs oriented towards transformation in the behavior and attitudes of abusers, which have been launched at several penitentiary institutions of Georgia. Sophie Japaridze will address the audience of the commission meeting to be convened within a 16-day-long campaign aimed against the gender violence.

Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia is also actively engaged in the thematic meetings and events, which are held within the scope of the campaign aimed against gender violence.

Sophie Japaridze spoke about active engagement of women in political and public life of Georgia at a meeting held on the topic of empowering women, while focused on the national study of violence against women when participating in the thematic discussion on gender violence and sexual abuse, which was jointly conducted by UN Women and National Office of Statistics of Georgia - GeoStat - in 2017 under an EU funded project titled as United in Combatting Violence Against Women.

Sophie Japaridze addressed the audience gathered for the presentation of the Needs Assessment Study for Gender Equality and its findings. Presentation was held within the scope of the EU funded project titled as Support of Cross-Government Commission on Gender Equality, Violence Against Women and Corporal Punishment.

Public events were held within the project titled as Women, Peace and Security: A Chance for Georgia's and Ukraine's Protracted Conflicts? Sophie Japaridze spoke about the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution for Women, Peace and Security. She also shared information with the audience on the lessons learned in Georgia in peace-building and conflict resolution.

Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia participated in a high-level meeting on the prevention of violence against women and corporal punishment, which was focused on the sexual abuse, prevention and eradication; work-group of the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention - speaking about one year of implementation in Georgia, held by the Council of Europe; dialogue between religions on the prevention and eradication of corporal punishment, which was held within the cross-government commission on gender equality under the EU funded project and joint effort with UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

International Day for Eradication of Violence Against Women is held annually on November 25 since 1991. The 16-day-long campaign against gender violence was launched on November 25, 2018 and will end on December 10 with Human Rights Day. This year campaign has united almost 13 public institutions and over 30 sector-specific and joint events have been planned. Apart from the national authorities, campaign keenly engages local authorities as well.