Prime Minister and OSCE PA Election Observers Discuss Presidential Runoff Print Version



The upcoming presidential runoff was the main topic discussed at today's meeting between Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and the OSCE PA election observation delegation.
The observers commended the country's competitive election environment and pointed out that the same is reflected in the organization's assessment.
The Head of Government thanked the OSCE PA delegation for monitoring the process of election and emphasized that, similar to every election since 2012, the highest democratic electoral standards will be upheld this time in a fair, free, and transparent environment.
The Prime Minister confirmed commitment to protecting the voice of each voter, also stating that the law enforcements, just like in the first round, will ensure maximal order at polling stations throughout the country, responding to and, if necessary, addressing any legal violation.
Mamuka Bakhtadze also emphasized that both local and international monitoring organizations and media outlets will be once again enabled to monitor and cover the election without obstacles.

Prime Minister's Press Office