''Participation of Georgia in the Frankfurt Book Fair as a Guest of Honor in 2018 is a milestone in the history and culture of my nation'' states Prime Minister of Georgia Print Version



"Today Georgia is coming back to its European family - not yet as a fully-fledged member, but as a guest, as a Guest of Honor at this very important event and without an overestimation I can say that this is a historical milestone in the history and culture of my nation" stated Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia at the welcoming speech delivered to the guests of the Reception hosted in Frankfurt today.

Head of the Government of Georgia focused on the rich and diverse culture of Georgia and underlined the contribution made by the country to the European civilization.

"Georgia is indeed a very interesting place. We see today the world changing every day, world full of challenges, full of obstacles and some people may argue that the only way to overcome these challenges is either via a military power or economic influence. Let me remind you that there have been some exceptions in the history of the mankind and Georgia is among them. We are very proud about it. Today we are very emotional. Today is a very important and special day for every Georgian as we have this unique opportunity to show you the culture that we have preserved in Georgia and also the contribution, which we made in our common European civilization. This is very important for us. The main cultural menu today as I saw at the Book Fair is really very rich. It is as rich as Georgian cuisine or Georgian wine, which we invented 8000 years ago. But here let me be a little bit subjective. In my opinion the main course in our menu is Georgian literature of course, which is flavored with Georgian theatre, Georgian dance, songs, the visual art and many others. We have this wonderful opportunity to share with you this experience and emotions" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia in his welcoming speech delivered at the Reception this evening.

Head of the Government of Georgia once again thanked everybody who was involved in making it into reality for the Georgian nation and Georgia.

Reception held in the name of the Prime Minister of Georgia was attended by Juergen Boos, Director of Frankfurt Book Fair; Heinrich Riethmuller, President of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association; member of the Delegation of Georgia; visitors and showcased authors of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Prime Minister's Press Office