Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) deems its cooperation with the Government of Georgia (GOG) as excellent and welcomes the successful implementation of the second Compact, as noted by Brock Bierman, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MCC after meeting Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia today.

Strong partnership of MCC with Georgia was underlined at the meeting, within which a number of very important projects have been implemented in the country. They include the rehabilitation and refurbishment of 91 public school buildings in Georgia solely within the second Compact to improve the learning experience of 37 000 school children.

Head of the Government of Georgia expressed his gratitude to the MCC for the consistent support of the country and stated that it is a huge investment with a power of transformation. It was also noted that aims and goals of the second compact are fully in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Georgia on the reform of the education system in the country.

"We discussed the successful closure of the Compact next year and continuing capacity of the educational system through San Diego State University and continuing the sustainability of that project beyond the closure. We have excellent relationship with Government of Georgia and looking forward to the conclusion of the Compact next year. We recognize the important relationship between Georgia and United States" stated Brock Bierman, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MCC.

Second Compact of MCC in the volume of 140 MLN USD includes the general, vocational and higher education projects, aimed at the development of human capital in fields of engineering, technology and natural sciences. Along with a full rehabilitation of the public school buildings, Compact envisages a continuing education program for school teachers. New vocational education programs have also been launched in the country and San Diego State University now has a presence in the country to deliver US-accredited undergraduate programs to Bachelor's Degree students in Georgia and facilitate the development of human capital in priority areas of the economy. San Diego State University currently enrolls 550 students in total, out of which the first alumni to be released in 2019.

Prime Minister's Press Office