“I am certain that progress achieved by Georgia will be duly acknowledged by our partners at the NATO Summit” declares the Prime Minister of Georgia Print Version



H.E. Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia is convinced that progress achieved by Georgia through its reform agenda will be properly acknowledged by the partner countries at the NATO Summit. He noted about it while talking with journalists at the end of the Security Council Meeting.

NATO Summit scheduled for July 11-12, 2018 in Brussels was the main focus of today's Security Council Meeting and namely, preparation and coordination of efforts towards the keynote event, along with the progress of reforms under implementation in the area of sovereign defense.

As noted by the Prime Minister, Georgia will participate in two entirely momentous meetings through a non-member country format within the NATO Summit and it will be the first precedent of its kind in the history of interaction between Georgia and NATO.

"It is the first meeting within the track record of Georgia's interaction with NATO, when we will actually attend meetings of such format. At the same time, it will involve every member state of the Alliance duly represented by their leaders. It will be the first instance and yet another significant recognition of the fact that relationship between Georgia and NATO has advanced to a new phase. We are delighted to know that topic related to Georgia will be discussed in a separate format - also first time ever. It is tremendously important and I wish to thank enormously all the countries that are our sovereign friends for making it all happen. We have rather positive expectations from the Brussels Summit" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

H.E. Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia thanked the diplomatic corps of the country and Ministry of Defense for their active engagement and efforts.

"I believe that the proposed agenda clearly replicates the utterly remarkable progress, which we have achieved through the reforms implemented in recent years. I am confident that our partner countries will duly acknowledge it" concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.


Prime Minister's Press Office