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H.E. Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia met with Ms. Elizabeth Rood, Charge d'Affaires of the US Embassy in Georgia today. Special attention was paid to the importance and further intensification of strategic partnership between USA and Georgia. Discussions were related to all the key areas of strategic partnership.
Prime Minister of the country shared the government priorities in detail with the US official, both in terms of foreign policy and national development of the country.
Particular attention was paid to the tangible results, which are shared by the two countries in the security area. Desire was expressed to match the economic cooperation with the degree of cooperation in the areas of political relations and security.
Also, discussions were related to the economic reforms, which are planned by the Prime Minister of Georgia with the new composition of the Government. It was noted that special focus will be made on the reform of the education system, which should create a solid foundation to the economic development of the country.

US official gave a positive assessment of the plans and vision authored by the Prime Minister of Georgia in relation with the future development of the country. It was noted that in all these directions Georgia should be optimistic about the support of its strategic partner.
Head of the Government of Georgia expressed his cordial gratitude to the US official for the support manifested in the recent Resolutions and Statements. Specific focus was made on deeds in support of Georgia and it was noted that after passing the bi-partisan bill in support of Georgia it will become yet another solid foundation for deepening the strategic cooperation and for the transition to a substantially advanced level of cooperation between the two countries.
European and Euro-Atlantic orientation of Georgia and irrevocable intention to pursue it, was particularly stressed at the meeting, along with the significance of US support towards this end, which will enable the country to achieve its ultimate goal.
It was reiterated that USA is strongly supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, along with its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.
Discussion was related to the challenges in the region and solutions to be found to mitigate and minimize the threats.
US Charge d'Addaires wished success to the Prime Minister of Georgia in his endeavors.
Meeting held at the Government Administration was attended by H.E. David Zalkaliani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and Mr. Tedo Japaridze, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Georgia on Foreign Relations.

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