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Being a sailor means being into one of the most courageous professions. Georgian sailors have always been known for their exceptional courage and the ability to make the right decisions under pressure, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated during his speech at today's celebrating Day of the Seafarer in Batumi. The Prime Minister wished a happy professional day to Georgian sailors, the graduates of maritime schools, professors and teachers, and the staff of the Maritime Transport Agency, emphasizing their exceptional contribution to the development of maritime transport.
"We all know well the dangers and challenges associated with your profession. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to congratulate our merited seafarers and thank each Georgian sailor for the tremendous contribution you are making to our economy. Your contribution to our economy amounts to over 400 million GEL annually. It is very important, and it requires further strengthening and developing. I am happy to see your profession become more and more popular among youth. We have signed relevant memoranda with all leading countries, including 17 EU member states, which enables you showcase your profession throughout the world. Today, for the first time in the history of Georgia's maritime schools, we will symbolically sail Cadet, the Batumi Maritime Academy's ship, on a symbolic international voyage. It is a very important precondition for us to meet all international standards and once and for all solve the problem of procedures for our seafarers'' international certification. It is very important to our citizens, and important for attracting foreign students into our schools," the Prime Minister stated.
According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, today's key task is enhancing the effectiveness of integrating the country's economy into global economy, which is why the development of both land and maritime transport is of vital importance.
"We declared education as the absolute priority of our Government, and I promise that your vocation will be a very important priority in the strategy on education. We must make your profession prestigious and accessible. We are excited over the fact that interest in seafaring in Adjara, and in other regions, is growing, which we must further cement and strengthen. Unfortunately, the once strong Georgian fleet has practically collapsed. I remember the argument proposed back then that those ships were practically good enough only for scrap metal, and they were sold as scrap. Today, however, those ship sail under the flag of other nations, which is very heavy and painful for all of us. We must counter it with a very effective, result-oriented policy, and we must develop our own fleet step by step. Therefore, your vocation acquires an even greater strategic meaning for our country, for our homeland. It is very important to develop digital technology in our ports. Once and for all, we must leave behind cases when, because of different bureaucratic reasons, ships would idle away in Georgian seaports. It is unacceptable," Mamuka Bakhtadze stated.
The Prime Minister visited the Cadet ship which symbolically sailed into an international voyage today.

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