The Prime Minister of Georgia met with the Slovak President Print Version



We have always been excited by the abundance of reforms you have implemented, - with these words Andrej Kiska, the President of Slovakia, addressed Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the Prime Minister of Georgia, at a press conference today.

The Slovak President also underlined the progress made by Georgia on the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration and recalled his arrival on the line of occupation during the previous visit to Georgia.
"It is both honourable and pleasant for me to be here today and to participate in the celebration of this event. I will never forget a great visit to Georgia that took place two years ago. We returned with great impressions to our homeland, and since then I always keep the photo, taken near to the barbed-wire fence built on the occupation line, with me. The border was moved at night and the ambulance did not reach the area. Local inhabitants were in need of medical assistance, but it became impossible due to the shifted border. This was a terrifying story for me, because there is difference when somebody tells you a story and when you see this reality with your own eyes. That's what it means to have an aggressive neighbour and live in such difficult conditions. We have always been excited by the abundance of reforms you have implemented. It is not an easy task, because you are implementing the reform and the aggressive neighbour is hindering this process. Nevertheless, you have many achievements. I've been aware of the results of your amazing economic growth, as well as visa-free regime, Association Agreement, free trade agreements and finally, direct flights between Tbilisi and Bratislava", - Andrej Kiska said.
The head of the Government thanked the Slovak President for participating in the anniversary events of Independence Day of Georgia.

"Thank you very much for visiting Tbilisi and attending a very important event for us. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia. Along with the Independence Day it should be noted that Georgia already had a democratic parliament in 1918 elected through democratic elections. All European democratic principles were introduced then and from that day they were observed in Georgia. This is a special day for us. In addition, it coincides with the 27th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the restoration of independence. Thus, Georgia is already an independent state and is moving towards Europe. We are very grateful to you for supporting Georgia in the way of European and Euro-Atlantic integration", the Prime Minister of Georgia addressed the Slovak President.