Prime Minister Wishes Georgia a Happy Feast of the Nativity Print Version


It is from the bottom of my heart that I wish all of you a Happy Great Feast of Christ's Nativity! I wish you joy, health, and prosperity. I wish unification and greater love to Georgia. Happy New Year 2018! I wish you all the best!
The Patriarch, in his epistle, spoke of the importance of Christianity and faith. According to him, as a fruit detached from its stem becomes lifeless and barren, so does a person alienated from the Church. My wish for all of us is to come together in this faith for the benefit of our nation.
I wish our Patriarch a Happy 40th Feast of the Nativity since his enthronization and a Happy 80th Birthday celebrated a couple of days ago.
This year marks a milestone anniversary as we are celebrating the centennial of the restoration of our Church's autocephaly and the declaration of Georgia's First Republic. Thus, we have much to celebrate this year.
I wish the whole of Georgia happiness, prosperity and peace in every family, and Georgia's peaceful progress. Happy Feast Day to all of you!