The 84th Community Center was Opened in Aspindza Print Version

The newly opened center will serve up to 14,000 residents of Aspindza and the following adjacent villages: Damala, Idumala, Oshora, Rustavi, Iveria, Orgora, Sakudabeli, Chobareti, Dzveli, Nijgori, Saro, Khizabavri, Toki, Vargavi, Pia, Tmogvi, Nakalakevi, Mirashkhani, Khertvisi, Gelsunda, Tolosha, Atskviti, Oti, and others.

Local residents will be able to take advantage of more than 200 public and private services in a comfortable environment. In accordance with the so-called One Window principle, customers will be able to obtain a passport/ID card, register real estate, receive a cadastral plan, make use of archive services, and so on.

Services within the framework of The State - Your Partner, the new project by the Government of Georgia, are also available at the newly opened Community Center. The project provides simplified services in accordance with the One Window principle in a single space, as well as access to state programs to anyone who is, or would like to be, an entrepreneur or a farmer. The service is already available in 83 Community Centers and 24 Justice Houses located in more than 100 populated places throughout Georgia, as well as via the unified electronic portal, which can be found at:

Citizens can also take advantage of print and digital libraries and free Internet access at the newly opened Community Center. Everyone will have access to round-the-clock free wireless Internet and a Skype room.
To stimulate the civic engagement of the local population, the Community Center includes a meeting room equipped with modern equipment.
The building meets modern standards and is adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities.
The Aspindza Community Center is the eighth center in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region. Other centers operate in Poka, Vale, Baraleti, Kumurdo, Bakuriani, Atskuri, and Adigeni.

In 2020, Community Centers were also opened in Chrebalo, Abasha, Khobi, Chiatura, Vani, Kharagauli, Chokhatauri, and Dedoplistskaro.
The project is being implemented with the support of the European Union.
For information on existing Community Centers and those that are under construction, follow the link: