Registration Launched for Vocational Education Seekers Print Version


Vocational training is accessible to every interested individual in Georgia.

State fully finances priority areas of vocational training at public institutions and provides partial funding at private institutions.

Registration has started at vocational training centers and process of admission will continue till August 10, 2020

Students will be admitted to 120 vocational training programs at public and private institutions throughout Georgia.

Employment indicator of vocational education graduates is high and rising (Data at present indicates that 56% got employed in 2016, 60% - in 2017 and 62% - in 2018)

First time ever this year:
► Individuals with general schooling education of nine grades will be able to pursue studies at integrated programs offered by 10 colleges to get diplomas, which are equal to complete general schooling graduation.
► New approach has been developed for admission, which increases access of youth and socially vulnerable people and individuals with special needs to vocational education.
► Programs with no genuine competition for admission will admit applicants without national tests, through internal selection set by the institution.

Further information on registration, list of colleges and additional data may be obtained from the link