List of Actions Restricted and Permitted under the Government Resolution during the State of Emergency Enforced on the Territory of Georgia Print Version


Under the Government Resolution, specific restrictions have been set fr the entire territory of Georgia during the State of Emergency.


Transport movement shall be restricted:
Any and all international movement of passengers by air, land and sea shall be suspended until the end of the State of Emergency. Charter flights shall be scheduled as and when required. Movement of rail transportation of passengers shall be suspended. Only cargo transportation by rail shall be performed without interruptions.

Intercity transportation of passengers by minibuses and regular buses shall be prohibited. Domestic air transportation of passengers shall be suspended. Only charter fights shall be performed if consent of the Government of Georgia is solicited prior to the actual flights.

Internal transportation of passengers with minibuses and regular buses within self-governing cities and administrative centers of municipalities shall be suspended. Restriction shall not apply to passenger transportation between the administrative centers and villages within municipalities.


Academic process shall be suspended at education institutions till April 21, 2020:
Distance learning shall be made possible at general schools and higher education institutions if technical resources are available.

Administrations of education institutions and scientific-research centers shall be required to practice teleworking till April 21, 2020 if physical presence of staff is nor critically important.
Any and all types of trainings, conferences and workshops shall be prohibited. Such events shall only be possible if held online.

Administrative filing of applications for authorization and accreditation, professional training, retraining and capacity building of civil servants within the scope possible shall be performed online. Deadlines for filing for referred staff enhancement purposes shall be deemed suspended and obligation to comply with such deadlines shall be deemed voided until the end of the State of Emergency.


Events of various types have been restricted:

Any and all types of cultural events have been prohibited both indoor and outdoor.

Any and all types of sports events have been prohibited both indoor and outdoor. Prohibition inter alia applies to trainings and physical exercise.

Only online forms of both cultural and sports events and activities shall be permitted.

Public gathering, manifestation and assembly have been restricted:

Public gathering of more than 10 (ten) people has been prohibited in public spaces, defined as a place either indoor or outdoor, but excluding a private residence of an individual.

Any and all types of social events have been prohibited, if and when they envisage gathering of more than 10 (ten) people, e.g. commemorative dinners, wedding parties.

Public gathering of more than 10 (ten) people may be permitted in private establishments that continue operation. They are obliged to practice social distancing with 2 meters in between and to adhere to the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH).


Economic performance shall be restricted:
Restaurants, food catering outlets, canteens at enterprises/organizations shall be prohibited to admit customers to the service areas. Such facilities shall only be permitted to operate for food delivery or drive through service rendering.

Operation of clubs, entertainment and recreation centers, cinema halls, gyms, beauty parlors, night clubs has been suspended.

Gambling businesses and prize-draw service rendering has been prohibited. They may only be permitted if practiced online.

Food production, processing facilities shall be obliged to comply with thermal cooking standards when processing food in any form and manner. Staff of such facilities shall use face masks, head covers and gloves at work. Staff of such facilities shall frequently wash hands with a liquid soap and water. After drying hands with disposable wipes, they shall apply solutions containing no less than 70% of alcohol or disinfection means.

Food producing and processing facilities shall be obliged to make sure that all and any surfaces and equipment stationed at their premises are washed and disinfected frequently if and when in contact with food. Such disinfection and cleaning solutions shall contain maximum concentration of alcohol.

Food production and processing facilities shall set control for health condition (cough, shortness of breath, fever) of their staff upon the start of a shift. Thermal cooking standards shall be complied with when processing food in any form or manner.

Food delivery service providers shall be obliged to place food in disposable containers. If on the other hand multiple-use containers are used, they need to be washed and disinfected after every single use. Temperature norms shall be complied with when transporting food to the customer. Staff shall be equipped with face masks and gloves.

Retail and wholesale trade outlets shall be obliged to provide face masks and gloves to their staff, perform washing and disinfection sessions, control social distancing practice among customers at no less than 2 meters.


Restrictions shall be set towards private property:
At the first demand made by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development legal and physical entities are obliged to carry out charter flights to bring citizens of Georgia home from overseas and to transport cargo.

Ensure the transportation of designated individuals to the quarantine zone and cargo - to the designated ares.

Allocate hotels and similar accommodation spaces for placing citizens of Georgia in the quarantine and for creating relevant conditions of stay.


Restrictions shall be set for public service rendering.
Court Enforcement measures for total or partial dismantling of buildings and constructions shall be suspended or postponed.
Deadlines for filing and consideration of administrative complaints and grievances shall be suspended.
Different rules shall be defined for operation of public notaries.


Following shall be permitted throughout Georgia during the State of Emergency:

Gathering of more than 10 people in public transport, if it has not been suspended its operation due to the State of Emergency;
Gathering of more than 10 people at healthcare facilities or public institutions, defense forces and penitentiary institutions;
Restriction of public gathering for more than 10 people does not apply to construction and infrastructure works;
Retail sale of food, animal fodder, animals, animal and plant products, household chemicals and items of personal hygiene, veterinarian medication, pesticides and fertilizers, seeds and planting materials shall be permitted;
Operation of power transmission, supply of power energy, natural gas, water, petrol, diesel, liquefied gas supply utilities;
Sale of goods intended for medical use, pharmaceutical products;
Suspension of operation shall not apply to food/commodity retail/wholesale supply/sales outlets, if and when such retail supply/sale occurs by delivery service, while wholesale supply/sale occurs by delivery service or taken-away by customers without gaining access to the actual space of sales;
Suspension of operation shall not apply to newspaper sales booths.