PRESS RELEASE: Prime Minister’s Statement on Developments Outside of Tbilisi City Assembly Print Version


Speaking at a Government meeting, Prime Minister Kvirikashvili set the record straight regarding recent attempts to disrupt a Tbilisi City Assembly session.

The Prime Minster remarked, "Concerning Tuesday's commotion in front of the Tbilisi Assembly, I would like to state that the whole population, and not just us, saw the real goal of one radical segment of the opposition - to create the impression that something is undermining stable and peaceful elections, and that a group was prevented from expressing their views. I believe everyone saw it for what it is - a lie."

He continued, "Law enforcement's actions were in full compliance with the law and prevented the provocateurs from sabotaging the Tbilisi Assembly's session on Tuesday. I would like to let everyone know that our state respects human dignity and fundamental rights, and we will not let anything compromise the stability we have ushered in..."

Over the last several days, opposition parties such as the United National Movement and European Georgia have publicly announced their intention to disrupt the Tbilisi City Assembly session using any means, including force. On September 29 they used violence to enter the Tbilisi City Hall, damaged the infrastructure for persons with disabilities, and used force against police.

The Chairperson of Tbilisi City Assembly made the legitimate decision to allow only the members and employees of the City Assembly, as well as public defenders and media representatives to attend sessions. This decision was made to avoid further provocations and disorder.

Despite these instructions, opposition parties once again used violence to enter the City Assembly and used force against police.

Police officers were deployed to the adjacent territory of the Tbilisi City Assembly, in compliance with the request of the Chairperson, in order to uphold public safety in the Assembly building.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, over ten people were detained under the administrative procedures. The Ministry of Internal Affairs called upon every citizen and representatives of political parties to refrain from attacking the police, and to obey the lawful requests of the police.