Abashidze Summarizes the Brussels and Prague meetings

The Georgian Prime Minister's Special Representatives for Russian Affairs summarized the meeting in Brusself and Prague.

As Zurab Abashidze stated at today's Government meeting at the Government Administration, numerous meeting were held at European structures, including General Secretary fir Internal Action Helga Schmidt, Deputy Secretary General Jean-Kristoff Beliear, and the EU Policy and Security Committee bringing together 28 national.

According to the Georgian Prime Minister's Special Representatives for Russian Affairs, the discussions revolved about Georgia-EU relations, security in the region, and Georgia-Russia relations, alsi discussions under the Geneva Talks and Georgia-Russia informal talks in Prague.

"WE spoke of the occupied territories and the satiation along the occupied lines, including the security situation near the village of Bershueti. As it was stated during the meeting, trade and economic relations between Georgia and Russia have lately restored under the Geneva talks. Unfortunately, these improvements have had no positive impact on Russia's policy on Georgia's territories. For their part, EU representatives reaffirmed their support for Georgia's political support and emphasized the need to maintain communication and dialogue. EY Representative emphasized at the meeting that that Georgia is an exemplary, mot sacksful country in the Eastern European Partnership."

"WE spoke of the occupied territories and difficulties therein, including the grievous events near that village of Bershueti. As from the Prague format, in turns of trade and commerce is the success story in the Eastern Partnerhip," Zurab Abashidze said.

According to the Prime Minister's special repetitive for Russian Affair, The EU will always oay focal attention to Georgia's problems and spare no effort to provide all kinds of assistance. Abashidze also spoke of his upcoming meeting with Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Victor Ksrasin in Prague. Despite the agenda including trade and economic, transport and humanitarian issues, the meeting started with the issue current affairs alomg the occupation line an of the newly established banners.

Besides, dialogue in involved the dates and obligations assumed under the 2011 Agreement between the Government of Georgia and the Russian Federation on the Key Principles for monitoring mechanisms of customs administration and trade in goods". According to Zurab Abashidze, an agreement has been reached that the dates for signing a contract with a neutral Swiss company will be defined in coordination with the Swiss colleagues to step up its implementation in the nearest future.

"The installation of banners, which is absolutely unacceptable, and, generally, similar actions along the occupation line serve one purpose of forcing the Georgian side to start talks about the demarcation of the de-facto Ossetian authorities' borders, which is absolutely unacceptable. We, with pressure from the international community and Western partners, will spare no effort to stop this process and launch constructive problem-resolution.
This is something the Government of Georgia is trying to achieve in a daily basis. 80% of our Government's foreign policy efforts are focused. These problems, as a grievous consequences of the 2998 war, are the key proprieties of our foreign policy seeking to minimize them and ultimately solve them step-by-step," Zurab Abashide stated.

Prime Minister's Press Office