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Ilia Darchiashvili: Georgia Enters Top 5 Democracies Globally with Long-Term Improvements, which is vital for the ultimate democratic advancement of our country Print Version


Variations of Democracy, being an international research center serving as a basis of global governance indicators of the World Bank, has ranked Georgia in Top 5 Democracies Globally with Long-Term Improvements. It was stated by Ilia Darchiashvili, Head of Government Administration today.

In line with the referred study, released by Variations of Democracy - an international research center - Georgia stands out with its particular improvements in the following areas:

- Freedom of expression;

- Freedom from torture.

"Study focuses on two significant directions, where Georgia has specific and tangible results. These are freedom of expression and freedom from tortune, which is utterly important on the way of future democratic development of our country" noted Ilia Darchiashvili.

Study claims that Georgia is the only country in the Caucasus and Central Asia with a status of a Democracy, particularly classified as Electronic Democracy (E-Democracy).

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