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Next stage of public administration reform is starting with support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Government of the United Kingdom (UK). An online meeting was held in relation to it by and between Ilia Darchiashvili, Head of Government Administration of Georgia; H.E. Mark Clayton, UK Ambassador to Georgia and Nick Beresford, Resident Representative of the UNDP in Georgia. It was noted at the meeting that Georgia continues to implement a fundamental reform of public administration on the way to establishing a stronger democracy and modern system of governance.

Successful implementation of the reform will result in a significantly improved public administration, along with an increased effectiveness of public institutions. First cycle of the fundamental reform was carried out in 2015-2020 and was based on a strategic document developed by the Government of Georgia. Achievements and challenges of the reform were assessed by the authorities and civil society of the country.

Currently, the Government of Georgia is working on the new strategy of public administration reform supported by the British Government and UNDP, which will need to define the reform implementation in the coming years.

"Current reform of public administration is compatible with aspirations of Georgia towards establishing a transparent, foreseeable and responsible public administration system, which will serve the needs of its citizens and will facilitate the beneficial changes in the country. Next stage of the reform will be implemented to further deepen the achievements made in the past years and will help in the resilience towards challenges that were identified against the background of COVID pandemic" noted Ilia Darchiashvili, Head of Government Administration of Georgia.

"British Government is supporting the democratic transformation of the public administration of Georgia. The Government of Georgia will develop an ambitious, consistent and comprehensive reform with our support and it will contribute to every level of governance - all the way from the national institutions to municipal ones" noted H.E. Mark Clayton, UK Ambassador to Georgia.

"Georgia made significant strides in the previous years, though with varied success in different areas of public administration. Priorities of the UNDP remain unchanged within the context of the program at the new stage of the reform: policy planning and coordination, delivery of public services and implementation of a reform in the system of public administration" added Nick Beresford, Resident Representative of the UNDP in Georgia.

The UK and UNDP have been supporting public administration reform since 2016. As a result of this program, Georgia has managed to introduce a common approach to public administration, including the policy design and coordination. In addition, a system of evaluation and professional growth has been improved for civil servants, common standards were introduced for the delivery of public services and digital solutions were institutionalized.

During the pandemic, when the public sector of Georgia faced additional challenges, the British Government and UNDP are supporting the adaptation with new reality, transition of public institutions to the remote work mode and introduction of e-services for civil servants and citizens of Georgia.

With support of the British Government and UNDP, cooperation of public and civil sectors has been deepened, engagement of non-governmental organizations (NGO) has been increased in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the public administration reform.

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