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The Government continues to take consistent steps in the fight against the coronavirus, Head of the Administration of the Georgian Government Natia Mezvrishvili stated during a briefing after today's session of the Interagency Coordination Council.

According to her, most of the activities are presently concentrated in Batumi.

"In terms of enforcement and regulations presently applicable to various events, control has been upgraded significantly, including in Batumi. We would like once again to inform the public that no state of emergency or lockdown is planned in the country, including in Batumi, at this point. Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned. However, restrictions are applied locally as needed. In Batumi, for example, specific restrictions are in force, and so are special restrictions related to the learning process," the head of the Administration of the Government noted.

According to Natia Mezvrishvili, Vice Prime Minister Maia Tskitishvili, Healthcare Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze, and Head of the Center for Disease Control Amiran Gamkrelidze are in Batumi on the instructions of the Prime Minister in order to upgrade and secure the management of the situation on the ground.

"We have been informed by the population about specific flaws, which is why monitoring groups are working extensively to minimize and eliminate possible problems," the head of the Administration of the Government stated.
While discussing the decisions made today by the Interagency Coordination Council, Natia Mezvrishvili stressed that thermal screening will be intensified at commercial institutions.

"Thermal screening has been intensified, especially in Batumi. Persons entering or exiting Batumi will also be subject to thermal screening. Special checkpoints will be set up by the Operational Headquarters and the relevant agencies. Persons will be tested if thermal screening reveals a fever," Natia Mezvrishvili noted.

Natia Mezvrishvili discussed the restrictions that were imposed in recent days, noting that the government is working on the fastest possible elimination of problems facing those involved in industries related to social events.

"As for the restrictions adopted in the course of the past few days, especially those applying to social events, we understand that some of our citizens who are involved in and receive revenues from industries linked to social events will be affected financially. The Government is working on the fastest possible elimination of problems facing them. We are being very careful about complying with legislation because, as you know, we are in the middle of election campaigning and these topics cannot be used for speculations. Work is underway on this issue, so we can reassure these citizens," Natia Mezvrishvili stated.

The head of the Administration of the Government once again called on the public to follow the regulations, stressing that enforcement has been tightened.
"As regards the regulations, we would like to call on the public once again to wear face masks everywhere, in enclosed spaces, particularly in public transport. Enforcement has been tightened, so please take this into account. Of course, social distancing must be ensured at all times. The government is working consistently. We are no longer taking the path of full quarantine - we are working locally and this requires support from the public. Therefore, we once again call on you and ask you to stand by one another as much as possible and to work [toward the observance of the regulations] as much as possible," Natia Mezvrishvili noted.

Press Service of the Government Administration